Why choose MR Play casino?

Online casinos are a new type of internet gambling that have skyrocketed in popularity during the 2020 pandemic. Although they are illegal in many countries around the world, in Canada, they are completely free provided that they comply with the law in force. But then, if you live in Canada, which online casino should you choose to get started? Here we are going to introduce you to one of the most qualitative, and it is Mr play casino.

Why choose Mr play casino in Canada?

Mr play casino, is an online casino, which opened its doors during the year 2017, but which especially saw its explosion during the confinement of the year 2020, like almost -all online casinos. It is not only limited to the Canadian market, but it is in this country that it is the most popular, thanks to its legality on Canadian soil. It is a casino that has no less than three operating licenses, which are Maltese, Swedish, and United Kingdom licenses. Which makes it a completely secure site, and without any legal problem, which is surely its most significant positive point. Speaking of positives, unlike other online casinos in Canada, this site is available in several languages, to facilitate the adaptation of Canadian players, who may still be more comfortable with a foreign language, and the site is therefore available in English, French and soon in Arabic. On this site, you will be able to play several types of games, each one more fun than the other, such as:

  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Poker;
  • Keno;
  • Table games, etc

The site will also be able to offer you a very interesting welcome bonus, with several rounds of free games from them, but also, bonuses, and regular promotions, on you will receive on your mailbox, if you are a regular player, and you spend time on the site.

Our opinion on Mr Play casino

To form an opinion on an online casino site, you have to use it. And that’s what we did, to be able to offer you a review of the latter. To begin, we will first tell you the negative points of the site. The first is the fact that the Arabic language takes time to be available. Then, we must also admit that customer service is not available at all times, and there are hours to respect to contact them. And there you have it, you have made the rounds of the negative bridges. The site is pretty much perfect for new users. The design, and the artistic direction is beautiful, and very welcoming. On top of that, the gaming system is so well done, that even during the most crowded hours of gamers, youwill always find something to do. And when it comes to security, it is really optimal, and there is absolutely nothing to fear from the site.

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